The "Tower", The "Senate', and more...

 What are they? Information regarding Trinity's Game Server for "7 Days to Die"; Government, Factions, Uniques, and Political strifes and defines.

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7 Days to Die Server Info @
Server Name The Unity Project Trinity Chronicles​​
Server IP

Stay Connected; Our Mumble Server!


Mumble is a premium voice-chat server with text-to-voice chat capabilities; do not worry, we paid for everything.


It allows our out of character text to remain elsewhere instead of in the room, cluttering it's progression and ease to read; thus allowing a more fruitful roleplay, as well as remaining communicative elsewhere for the learning enthusiasts, and any criticism one might want to receive.​


Click the Mumble Banner image to the top to go to the official website, then click download Mumble, then run the installation and that's it!   



After installing the program, run the program- at the very top left, click "Server" > Click "Connect" in the drop-down menu > Then click "Add New" > Use the information to the left or

Copy Paste

Label: Trinity Chronicles


Port: 63472

Username: YourName

Password is: 'trinityrp' no quotations.

And that's it, you're done!