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Ch.Øx1: Story of Lillian Arteese

"Story of the Guardsmaiden"

A year had passed.. The fading of a great spirit whom she fell for, childlike he was, and so much she wanted to know of him and his kind, she knew he was different; Yet it was all lost in a moment of passed time, and this guilt pierced her heart through all this time.

She abandoned the Imperium, in words of banishment and lost of honor, and position.

Lilian tried to move on, though everynight she had vivid memories of him nestling into her warm embrace, the care he showed to her, and defended her..

A shattering noise pierces through her mind as she looks by and by, she had dropped her wooden plate housing the drinks on them; The Moonshine Lady she was in, a Bar at the far outskirts of the new "Frontier". The "Frontier" was an initiation of expansion of the Imperium pushing out westward towards the Wastelands and in combat with various other factions and rebels, notable the "Savages", a unified clan of Nosferatus who would not bow to ally with the Imperium.

Here she was, tending Ale of all kinds most notably the green native moonlight moss, that tends to outline in a shimmery silver with biter-sweet taste; She spilt it as the glasses shattered upon floor to a shiny silver... "Lilian!! You broke another glass again!? Do you want to work as a Bed-Lady in the Slums nearby huh!? A pretty girl like you could fetch me quite the coin to repay these broken glasses!" - A large muscular man in Hard Leather armor, tattered it seems, could be a veteran in the Frontier Wars.


Named "Savage Bull" For the sole-idea and implication he was a complete idiot like the rest of the common Nosferatu, tho' a Ventrue mix bloodline of a Kine more attune to powers in his strikes and the sustain of his life hereto through Soul Vamp.


Savage Bull was not known for intelligent conversation as a bar-maid spoke out against him, him the owner; "Bull, shut up. She's new at this, give her a break, ok? God, and after all her travels we still ration her even in her poor found health, we should be glad she's still alive and a' kick'in." A slim, tall, yet darkened in purple Kine stood, mixing drinks it seems.

Bull responded in a heavy harsh tone, as if going to blow steam out of his ears.


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