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Septhan - The Immortal Emperor


/biography #Nick: "The Immortal"


Species: PLACEHOLDER - Under Construction.
​Title: Lord Knight Primest- House of Kirin

Advent 1 - 'Lord's Fighting Incarnate

Appears in Advent 3 -| #| # |# |-


Specialization: Wear down/Endurance Strategies


Leader of the House of Kirin; wielder to the ability's to manipulate and manifest in both lightning and gravity- He is a force to be reckoned with. Wielding the Sargatanas- a combination of both he is deadly and known on the field. However, Shiryu prefers to keep to himself and is often quiet as he is constantly taking and recording information. Oftenly mistaken as rude, as he acts childishly around beings of an equal or higher power, disliking prolong periods around people of his power and above, and taking commands. He is however respectful to the deserving who earns it.


Shiryu prefers to not showboat in clothing gear for battle- meaning he won't be wearing his combat attire unless the time call's for it. Oftenly seen wearing a robe with a mask covering half his face and most his eyes except his Passionate Blue that rips outwards. His eye- featuring a major feat prior to his new rebirth as a Dragonlescu has abyssal abilities - mysterious and random and sometimes cannot be restrained; Thus the mask is used sort've like a limiter. He's also more fond of weapons and artifact's of power; adoring them even though he may not look the part till fully suited. Usually enjoying watching a fight's from afar; using the opportune moment to simulate strategies in his mind to how he would counter if he were in either position.

"The calm before the storm, like playing chess before at one's end..."


Cirdan "Trinity" Drysnae


/biography #Nick: "The Asunder"

Species: PLACEHOLDER - Under Construction
​Title: Drysnae’s Warden. The Desecrated Asunder.
Advent 2 - 'Lord's Asunder Imbuement
Appears in Advent 3 -| Ch. Ø | P.1 |L.1 |-

Specialization: Imprisonment /Eradication Strategies.

Personality:  Dispassionate.
Due to the circumstances of his making, Xios was able to gain phenomenal physical prowess -- in return to losing vital fragments of his mind, especially his emotions. Detached from the world, he uses Reason as his Bastion with everything in his life. Such a strange phenomenon helped improve his ability to carry out his duty: Guarding the Prison of Sphira.

In combat, Xios carries out his Judgement in a cold, eerily tranquil manner. With a Scythe and a Sword, He was specialized in Imprisoning his singular opponent in series of predetermined strikes, or mass Eradication of a whole Legion with his range.

Ability: Blood Creation and Manipulation. Umbrakinesis

The Mystran was not of this world, not of Sphira. Rather, it was ostracized from another Universe, then stumbled here by mistake. Unable to remain upon the Living without a Host for too long, it decided to merge with a fallen Warrior that was battered by both War and Politics. Over the course of transfusion, part of that Soldier mind went missing, just as the Mystran’s power -- Irrevocably. Due to the boundless amount of apathy within the Vampire/Mystran host, he was unable to use specific powers like Emotion Manipulation, Mind Jack, etc.

His Calling as “The Asunder”, Xios took upon himself to become the Warden of the largest prison in Sphira, the Drysnae. Despite feeling nothing, he had allowed himself  to be bound under the impression of ‘Brotherhood’ within the boundaries of the Trine. Days upon Days, Xios spent the immortality that was cursed upon both his body and mind listening to the agonizing anguish of the damned within the confine of his impenetrable prison. His memories fade with each passing scream, until even the sound of his voice was gone with the wind... or so it was Fabled. Those who’ve had the unfortunate misery of encountered it would intone the tragedy that struck them in a quiet, reverent voice; in the land beyond the Living.

“Purity, that was “The Asunder's” voice.
The Purity of Suffering and Silence.”

Odd - aka Ruzerack.jpg

Ruzerack "Valfron" Dragonclaw

/biography #Nick: "The Enchanter"

Species: Human

Title: The Enchanter - Archmage - Obsidian Empire

Advent 2 - The 'Lord's Spell-Blade

Appears in Advent 2 -| #| # |# |-


Specialization: Empowering, Logistics, and Capturing Strategies.

Ruzerack Dragonclaw was born to an Enchanter's village of Orsis with in The Obsidian Empire it is here that Ruz At a young age he found out that if he channeled mana into them it would over whelm the boot pass what they could handle in doing so would cause some of the air magic to escape from the bottom difficult to control at first but he learned to control the output the more mana you channel into them the greater output you would get difficult indeed but over time and some practice it was easy enough to control but then curiosity got the better of him and he though what would happen if he did the same thing to other enchanted items.

Abilities: Enchanting; Magical Artisian, Manipulation, and Imbue.

Ruz had plenty of opportunities to find out as he got older after all he lived in a village of enchanters although most of the items that where enchanted are mostly mundane items. Children with the interest learn the basic magic and much like those children Ruz had great interest as he started testing his own abilities pushing them to there limits. At the age of twelve Ruz could enchant items with all level one magic, of age eighteen he had mastered the second level it wasn't until he was twenty-three that he started medaling with void magic.


Lunais "Trinity"


/biography #Nick: "CouldBeYou!"

Species: PLACEHOLDER - Under Construction

Title: Reaper of the VII's

Advent 2 - The 'Lord's Spell-Blade

Appears in Advent 2 -| #| # |# |-


Specialization: Spell-Blade/Summing Magic



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