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"I stand before Thee, Empowered with Righteous Judgement- from the 'Lord' himself."

"... Dragoth valiantly lead his men in stalwart fashion in Ornate Armor, to some he moved and fought just like 'Lord'- head first and leading the charge as he commanded his forces, diving into the fray with fearless power "Divide them, destroy them, feel their Despair!" he'd say ..."
-| Ch. 2 | P.0 |L.0-0 |-

Dragoth "Hand of the Imperium" - Imperium Command

The Commanding General of the Imperium

"... Even as enemy casters slammed Meteors beside him, restraining him with smoldering fire would pull back his armor, like a good old friend- advising against him on his advancement of the danger that was to come; Dragoth would not falter, with no fear in one's eyes- he marched unto Doom... For an impending onslaught was heading- He was Doom Incarnate..."
-| Ch. 3 | P.0 |L.0-0 |-

The Imperium Command consisted of three vital components... The Lord Knights (Far Domain), the Knightress Guards (First Response), and lastly... The Imperium Vanguards. The Vanguards were elites, some being Lord Knights themselves, it was more a political title than anything, in this Modern Age.

However, some claim that members of the Imperium Vanguards were and are- Members of the 'Lord's Regiment. Trained, disciplined, and directly under him- They were the force to be reckoned with.

One example was Lord Dragoth of Sphira, he was there during the 2nd Advent of the 'Lord', and stood by him- Protecting him as Guards Maidens came to take up duties within the city.

As he fosters the 'Lord' and kept him safe; in time the energies from 'Lord' brushed onto him. Dragoth was a force to be feared, so powerful, that normal Kindred could not talk to him, for he would- Under the gaze of his eye, thieve you of your daring soul and into madness...

Ever since upon discovery of newfound powers, he remains locked within the citadel in Sphira at the "Chamber of Covenants"; only speaking to high officials with battle experience, for only they could withstand his presence- Everyone else believes he is just a Myth within the Imperium, a false-figure to hold it together... Yet he was the head of the Command...

Commanding General of the Imperium,

Dragoth, Hand of the Imperium.

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