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- A mysterious light within the distance -

Ch.Ø: "The Account of Origin"

"... It had begun- He was bestowed upon the world under a curse and banished from the heavens... Unaccepted by the Damned ..."
-| Ch. Ø | P.2 |L.1&2 |-

P. 1 - Intro -   Prior to the Advent of the "Lord" in which he be-fell upon the world; before the cycle of damnation continued his living and his tragic ends, there were events that cause him to manifest... His Origins- the time in which he was "Birthed" and manifest into physical reality; these stories are a collection of events that were before his renown status of onslaught... The start of why he became what he is now- a Monster.


P. 2 - Event 1-  It had begun- He was bestowed upon the world under a curse and banished from the heavens. Unaccepted by the Damned, and Hell itself. Encaged, imprisoned, locked away and sealed by arcane will upon the earth, with godly magicks, here he was, pure energy and in anguish, with a spark - a passion of life. Yet all this time he was sealed, and wiped from memory, as his memory too faded with ritual intent and curse... Childlike he was always wondering and wondering, inside his own space and sealed "World". He was never let loose to see the world, and always saw the light of day, and the dark of the false-moon. 


P.3 - Event 1-   The sun, however, was not a sun, it was a seal of arcane and divine energy; it was the thing that made him fear most- As a child of the darkness upon the death of his originating energy; He was afraid of the light as he saw it and he had right too.. For it was the energy of the false-pretenders that subjugated him in this "world";- The modern gods as they willed it.  Yet, as religion fell from the mindset, distancing itself from the modern world, so too did the prayers that kept these false-pretenders empowered... With their arcane and divine right weakened so too did the seal begin to crack slowly within the millenniums of time that started to pass...

"... Upon entry into the landscape, it can be seen that a Bright light was being taken, into the sky... Was this false? Couldn't be, for the light ..."
-| Ch. Ø | P.8 |L.1-3 |-

P.4 - Event 1-   Yet his entomb did not stay dormant forever... He began getting curious at the daylight that started to go to his accustomed darkness... Rays of Black, unveiling the illusion of the fake world he had laid in. Childlike, he'd grasp it, reaching out as he held it, burning at times, but enticing. He'd step through, burning asunder as his energies would rip upon him- Letting loose spirits from his own body, which he never knew existed... Now he has begun talking to the ancients of his time, his own brethren and comrades- They spoke to him. Confused, he would let them go, and they fell out of the "World" into the Earth and spilling the words... Haunting, Cursing and scaring all those around his "Eternal" tomb... It was just the beginning.


P.5 - Event 2-   Dragonlescu- A name too never be forgotten; They were the Soul Seekers of the Vampiric World; Lead by Prince Dragonlescu, and named after him - He was mad, hidden in his lab as he did many "Experiments" with ghosts, spirits and the likes- However, within the Order of Dragonlescu, and its Lineage was a pact. A pact of righteous men in armor, raised through combat, and bred to attune to the spirits, and annihilate them if need be. They seek the pretenders of Divine will, and furthermore... However, nothing prepared them for what they had discovered next...


P.6 - Event 2-   News spread of Ancient spirits, strong enough to affect Mediums, and even touch upon the physical world. Prince Dragonlescu was too busying himself with studies to even hear the news... Yet another aspiring young Lord decided to take arms; It was Lord Darien, and his Lieutenant Darius; Both friends from a young age, and both Ventrue by blood, and Dragonlescu by Lineage. To arms, they would raise the noblemen and amass an army of a thousand to go by the site in which they believed, was the source of all Spirits manifesting in the area; seemingly dark in nature.


P.7 - Event 2-   A scholar followed along by the name of Lillian Arteese; one of the high scholar, and only female about to be anointed as counsel- and the first. She was brilliant, some say equal in prowess to the Prince, but limited by her status. Hoping in this journey and discovery; that if she can find a Relic, an Artifact, or even a great spirit of an ally to guide the Dragonlescu to find other sites... It would advance the counsel, Dragonlescu, and the Vampires as a whole before other species in the thought of the "Greater Good" for all of Kindred. If only she knew..


P. 8 - Event 3-   Upon entry into the landscape, it can be seen that a Bright light was being taken, into the sky... Was this false? Couldn't be, for the light - Even though it was nighttime, started to burn the flesh of the vampires around- But why was it spewing out Dark energies within its domain and surrounding? Why... Why was it that spirits were being released, rather than taken above? Or banished below? Was this a sight of a cursed battle? Was it a place where old gods resided? He did not know, neither did he know, it was far more concerning than those questions he could fathom..


P.9 - Event 3-   Nearing the entrance of the "Light" spirits roamed left and right, powerful as they ripped into the landscape, watching- Yet confused and unconcerned for the "Wanderers"; or in this case, the Dragonlescu walking through. However, eye by eye, they'd watch the Physical Remnants walk through the valley of the Light, no word in sight for they had no common tongue... Darien let one word out, and only one throughout the journey... "Save your energy- Do not fight... They must be wanderers of something greater.." as Darius supported in command "Contain yourselves"...


P.10 - Event 3-   Nearing the entrance, a darkening mist, light refracting and absorbing would happen to the Passionate Blue- The eyes of the Dragonlescu flickered hard, but started to lose its flare as they approached. Military strategy was being used, as the Leaders formed Three Squads; Each lead by a prominent figure - Counselor to be, Arteese - Lieutenant at Arms, Darius -  and Commander of the Division, Darien. Darius was sent first, as a brute and unusual axe-wielding Vampire, he was able to slaughter hordes with ease- Whether spirit or physical.


P. 11 - Event 3-   Darius entered the erupted ground, elevated above natural plains at a slight upward incline as he saw- A gate swarming with energies, ghosts, and spirits, bonded- Or escaping from the gate. To Kindred eyes, they would not see, but Dragonlescu saw it all... Armies of wandering, slaughtering each other out of thirst. Some crying, mourning, in pain or suffering... Darien would move past this following under command... He was wrong.

P.12 - Event 4-   The spirits begun enveloping the eyes of some of the men, overpowering and taking, some warping, confusing the army as things went hectic. Some mutated out of proportion into ghastly beings, part spirit, part kindred as they'd bleed out and curse the army. Darius had begun slewing his own men, unsure what was going on as the troops retreated- Unlike them, he was not one to retreat, and stayed with his Guardsmen, as the rest fled out of fear, or out of curse- Darius held ground and kept his Corrupted men at bay...

P.13 - Event 4-   As Darien and Arteese stood back, taking in notes and slowly treading towards Darius position... Men came out of the erupted ground, some bleeding from the eyes, others missing limbs, some had souls on them-Feeding off their energy. Darien would call upon his abilities, and sent his men forward with him leading the squad, slaughtering what spirits came. Arteese noticed the other spirits begun brandishing their weaponry or holding an aggressive stance.

P.14 - Event 4-   She did not, however- Want to draw back, this was a sacrifice, a time for her to rise, a time for them to rise, and she said, in words, clearly attuned to all nature- Whether physical, or dead, undead, or spiritual; "We may not falter, for we do not know". Even the ghosts understood this, as they stood eyeing, the aggressive ones from the Erupt kept fighting, but those who wander outside, remain vigilant.

P.15 - Event 5-   Darien however, did not care of the amount or the threat he faced, he was concerned for Darius; Like his little brother, and second in command. He'd rush steadfast with the rest of the army; Arteese followed. Entering the Erupt, he saw his brother fight, with great ferocity, slewing and igniting blue sparks of ghastly flame left and right... Yet... It was for naught...

P.16 - Event 5-   Darius started looking different, as his blood dwell low, he started to become more Spectre than alive, translucent as Darien noticed.. He'd run into the fray to save him. It was too late... Darius begun enraging into a blood-lust, he was being converted, ever so slowly as the blood of the cursed Wanderers inside the Erupt corrupted him.. And he knew. Darius looked to his brother, 10-20 men away, vision covered with blood of his men, and burnt blue dust from the slaughter of ghosts..

P. 17 - Event 5-   Barely seeing his brother, who wielded the sword... He can feel himself changing, Gripping his own axe... He'd slip it against his throat, as his eyes burnt pure blue, and body, disfigured from combat... He started to change. Half his face ripped into an unimaginable being, with many holes on his face a leaking blood... Little pods laid inside as if it was going to let loose another storm of enemies... He'd sink his axe into his throat, as pods and seeds seeped out of his flesh.. He was bearing the seed of many of whom he had slayed - A living parasite.

P. 17 - Event 5-   Darien got closer, drew a near of about 5 people apart, as he watched his own little brother, the same one that saved his life countless of times, cut his own throat... As he spilled blood, he too let loose words as he died... "Darien.. I failed you.." As he died with hooked edge of axe in his throat, he'd fall to his knees as the pods would exhaust into a blue flames and smokes.. The sacrifice of his Lieutenant, and the prevention of spirits manifesting itself into the physical world..

P. 18 - Event 6-   Darien lost it, drawing to a mad rage, as some of his troops started to manifest the same symptoms, and others turning as he looked... He started slaughtering, not wanting the same fate he would on occasion, slaughtered his own troops. Arteese would call upon the troops to leave his side, wandering closer to the light, rather than worried about the fight.


P.19 - Event 6-   She'd walk closer, ever so closer as suddenly her Passionate blue smoked, and left... Her men, fearful, followed, shivering in there boots as they came upon the gate. It was dark, pitch black, with light fractions going Inwards, instead of out. Daringly.. She stepped into the black- And soon found herself upon a field.. Black Ash fell from the sky in this world, grass white as snow, with gray hues at the sides laid all around... It was.. "Soothing" it felt.

- Lo... At first Sight -

"...  He saw something different - Arteese, she glowed vibrantly different in clothing in the distance ..."
-| Ch. Ø | P.19 |L.5&6 |-

- New discoveries; of an Old World -

"... Nearing the entrance of the "Light", spirits roamed left and right, powerful as they ripped into the landscape, watching- Yet confused and disconcerned for the "Wanderers" ..."
-| Ch. Ø | P.9 |L.1-3 |-

P.25- Event 8-  He'd stumble and fall, never having to run before except just for the fun of it. He'd fall onto his back, as she fell onto him, meeting him at face, as she'd press upon him. She'd hold onto him, a hug, nearly a cuddle, as he laid there with empty mind, unknowngst what to do, as he never had to escape from anything before. She snuggled into him, as life drew into her.. Loving the feeling of enormous power surge through her.

P.26- Event 8-  Arteese fell in love, with the discovery.. It seemed like he could influx anyones power up... Little did she know, in time, he could maximize one's power... Laying there, men coming over to remind her "We have to check on Darien". She'd look at them, nodded and agree, but unsure how to make him follow. She did not want to capture him, afraid he'd turn into onslaught of her, and anyone else, she'd kiss him, wanting him to fall for her... And right she was..

P.27- Event 9-   Lord felt odd, he just felt allured, he knew not what love was, and he followed, holding her hand as they left his prison, afraid of the entrance, but hiding behind her, he went through with ease, unafraid of the light. Upon entering outside, Darien had gotten most of himself back- Sitting there on top of a few bodies, as Arteese came and presented the "Being".

P.28 - Event 9-   There it was, they came all this way.. For some "Creature". Darien was mad, he did not understand, he was seeking a great spirit, a powerful weapon, relic, or artifact, and this is what he found? A being? He was mad still, but holding his tongue- Arteese can see he was not happy with her new "Boyfriend" she found liking in.

P.29 - Event 9- She explained.. "This being... He somehow brought me to immense power, and I felt great sincerity as my emotions loss the sight of fear... I think he's a living remnant." She said, Darien, curious, and afraid from experience, told the men to get Lord away from her, and to be imprisoned in cuffs, and chains. She got in the way, blocking path to him as Darien himself, came over, and shoved her against the ground "You are not my Counsel"..

- The Sleeping Dragon-

"...  Arteese ran over to him and saying "You can't kill him~! Otherwise everything will be for naught!" ..."
-| Ch. Ø | P.30 |L.6&7 |-

P.30 - Event 9-   He would say, Lord not knowing whether a joke or not, or a serious matter, mimicked Darien and said, "Are not my Counsel~!" In a loud voice, as spirits and souls blasted outward- Pushing Darien almost a foot. Darien responded with a hard back-fist with his gauntlet upon the Lord... As Lord fell with open wound upon his face, he'd go unconsciously... Landing upon face as Arteese ran over to him and saying "You can't kill him~! Otherwise, everything will be for naught!"


P.31 - Event 9-   Suddenly... All the souls, spirits, energies.. Were being sapped away... Everything... All threats ceased to exist, as they warped away... Lord's body begun fluttering with immense energy. The army that existed there, were no longer Dragonlescu- Without power they were... And all inside, the vessel that is now dormant.

P. 32 - Event 9-   "I told you! He's something greater" She would say, as Darien was raising his brother's axe "He'd be a perfect sacrifice in memory to Darius." He'd say, but stopping, knowing better. Her Guardsmen and herself would take him, take him elsewhere. They camped in the valley that leads to the Erupt, hoping there were other artifacts to find.


P.33 - Event 10-   There he was, in her camp, inside her tent as she personally attended to him. Wanting to know everything about him, and what he was as soon as he woke. He'd wake, fuzzy in view, he saw her above him, sitting next to him as she wiped his forehead, and brushing her hand softly against the wound, tending to it. As he'd wake, powers would emanate outwards. Bestowing back the powers of the surrounding.


P.34 - Event 10-   He felt her hand, and grabbed it, firm, as she could feel his pain and anger. Lord was angry, he knew it- she knew it; it was dwelling inside him making him anxious, he knew not what it was, yet he knew he wanted to do something about it. He'd try and stand, as she'd hold him down. Animalistically, - He'd push her aside onto her made-bed. Rising to his feet as he'd rush out the tent.

P.35 - Event 10-   Her Guardsmen would interfere in his path- Darien heard the commotion and came out immediately, watching the "Being" from afar, slowly approaching... Lord gripped his hand onto the throat of the guardsman, treading towards Darien as he kept the Guardsman choked- Eyes flickering on and off with blue. Lord threw the guardsman at Darien, as Darien intercepted, and laid the unconscious guard upon the floor.


P.36 - Event 10-   Darien smirked, cockily, as he approached Lord, slipping his blade out as he'd thrust it at Lord- Lord took the shot, full force upon abdomen, sheering pain as he never felt before, as his life slowly left him... "No Darien~! No... No no.." Arteese said, running behind, as she grabbed his back, Lord, dying, not even knowing it was possible. 


P.37 - Event 10-   Lord laid there onto Arteese's knees, as she sat behind him holding him, not sure if this was the end of her great discovery.. Or of feelings she had started to invest in him- The nights, pondering, wanting to know what he was capable of, wanting to know what he was.... All these questions, left unanswered. She did the unthinkable... She bit her own wrist, and fed him the blood of a Dragonlescu - Something she would be banished for, and executed for...


P.38 - Event 11-   He came to life, as he jolted in seizures upon rebirth... Cracking his jaw and turning into a vampire, as his skin begun to turn milky in color... Darien immediately jumped over, as Guardsmen protected her- She too stood, and left Lord laying, sending a fury of arcane bolts at the Commander. As fight ensued, Lord awoken.. One eye,, bluer than the other as a Passionate Blue flickered.. He started remembering her, her eyes, as he laid there, her cries and tears, as he'd wipe his face...

P.39 - Event 11-   He got up, and shook his head slowly, as he saw a familiar figure- Arteese. He didn't even know there was a fight going on, as he slowly walked over.. Gripping her arm.. She'd turn around, with tears on her face- But suddenly she looked at him with Ease, but cried in his arms as arcane powers ripped against his flesh... He did not even feel it, and he held her close...

P.40 - Event 12-   Darien moved towards the two... And Lord saw letting her go as he moved slowly towards Darien... Darien laughed boastfully "Again? Ahaha." He'd swing his blade, as Lord accepted it, not going through all the way as he bled, sliding his hand at the throat of Darien, as Darien choked. He'd raise his arm up above, Darien, sword still stuck, and awestruck, he continued to try and slide the sword from side to side.

P.41 - Event 12- Arteese swiftly came over, and gripped at Lord's Hip, he looked over to her as she said "Don't...".. It was the mistake of her life..

P.42 - Event 13- As he looked to Arteese, and she smiled, he too was locked in a gaze as he loosened his grip, staring at her lovingly, as he somehow drew upon the words "I love you.." Taking knowledge upon her memories, and sending those words, blissfully at her.. She, and him, let a tear slip for that beautiful moment...

P.19 - Event 7-   He heard them- "Lord" heard them... Never seeing another, seemingly so real and physical, he'd hide... Childlike he watched them as they walked around in armor, wielding whatever they were in their hands... He did not know what to do- So he put his face out the grass.  He saw something different - Arteese, she glowed vibrantly different in clothing in the distance... One of the troops saw him, telling Arteese, as she examined from afar, not sure what to make of it.

P.20 - Event 7-    He was handsome, he was depicted after the former gods before the False-Pretenders after all. A statuette he was supposed to be, a Guardian in the days of Old... Covered in Ash, as it smelted along his overtly abundant energy-ridden body. He walked closer... As soon as he came close, the men pulled their weaponry in aggressive stance at him... If only they knew...

P.21- Event 7-   He did not even know what they were doing, moving forward without hesitation, he bled, for the first time in ages pain ensued his body- As he wept with anguish, souls swept up the troop, into the sky, as the troop would turn into a flaming hailstorm, of flying body parts.. He laughed- Childlike, he never seen anything like it, Energy, combined with dark shades of blood... And fiery explosion, All in one.

P.22- Event 7-   Immediately Arteese ordered the men to back down, she was unsure if he commanded the attack, or was it out of getting hurt, either way, this was not a fight to be done, especially with Darien mad outside the tomb. She approached him by herself, for a better view, and came close... 3 men away. Lord looked at her, funnily, she looked very different than him.. Very different. He could sense a different smell off her, unsure what it was, but it allured him.

P.23- Event 8-   She'd come closer, something gave her instinct, a memory of her former life before the life of Kindred... Memories... He started to look like someone, and she came closer... Closer... A hand away. She'd slide her hand onto his wound as if trying to calm the "Beast".. He'd put his hand on hers, for the first time he felt.. Something else.


P.24- Event 8-   He felt... Loved, cared for, he didn't even know those emotions existed, for he had not felt anyone touch him before. And suddenly... His energy slipped into her, as Passionate Blue ignited back again- More than that, a mist surrounded into the air as it caused disillusions. Afraid, he'd let go of her, fearing for once, as she tried to chase him, wanting to know what abilities did he have.

- Faded Memories - 

"...  As his face cracked, and faded ..."
-| Ch. Ø | P.41 |L.5 |-

P.43 - Event 13- Darien... Took the moment at hand, and bit down onto Lord's Hand, gaining new strength as he'd slip the blade sideways, full and through Lord's body, sucking onto the blood of Lord as Lord faded away- Into Ethereal, as Darien burst him into flames... As she saw, was a final smile... As his face cracked and faded away from the world into Darien- His hand reaching out, as Arteese wept and grabbed it... He was gone.


P.44 - Event 14-   She'd fall into emptiness... Traumatized by the event as the guards tried to pick her up, she'd refuse, and just sit there, tears falling upon her cheek, and at the end of the teary water, she'd bleed them. Darien drew no care and felt the powers that surge through him. He felt different, he felt like he had the world, the spiritual world, at his hands.


P.45 - Event 15-   They went back to Dragonlescu's Domain... Darien said nothing. Arteese, however, told the council nearly everything - She was cast off and banished along with her loyalists- removed from Domain as they believed she had lost her mind by the sight of blood and gore, "Too weak" because she was a woman... Little did they know... She'd be there Salvation. Not so long later.. Soon... Thereafter.


- Banished Salvation -

Ch.1: "The First Advent"

First Advent

"Quote here quote there, quote everywhere- Storylines all day."

P. - Event 16- 





P. 2


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