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'Lord' Trinity of Sphira

/biography #Nick: "The Harbinger"


Species: Embodiment of "Omnipotent" Souls
​Title: 'Lord' of the Trinity Empire - Founder of the Imperium.

Origins - 'Lord', the Child of Bringing.

Appears in Origins -| Ch. Ø | P.1 |L.1 |-


Specialization: Endurance/Empowering Strategies


Personality: Varies upon Advent and Form.
'Lord', a figure worshipped by some, hunted by others; a power to be reckoned with, and by others one to find grace in. 'Lord' was never named, upon each birth led to wars and decimation, to executions, and furthermore. The term 'Lord' became common, and stuck upon this figure of a being - Who... Embraced the form and shape of a Dragonlescu- Some rumor because of his Love for Arteese, and others, because of his will in his brothers.

Ability: Soul influx and inhibition, "True Reality" induction and expulsion, and Resilience Supremacy.

All that is known for sure... Is that upon channel- ‘Lord’ could empower any of his brothers, to take form into full strength, granting them near immunity to any force- to a near-indestructible power. However, at great cost... Sometimes at the death of him as what souls would siphon out unto all nearby- the souls around him too would be invoked outwardly, and at other times.. The curse that has befallen unto him- the curse that was upon and marked before memory- to what the origin of ‘Lord’ really is...

Yet, Noble, and powerful as was the first and second Advents. Gentle, and carefree- As is when he is first born and found within the Origins; or terrifyingly destructive as a Warlord on a campaign to conquer in the Third Advent… Although not always that way, all varying to- how he was treated prior to his full maturity in mind and power...

When would you meet him? How would you treat him? That... Is the answer to how the story will unfold... May the 'Lord' be upon you... To your death, or to your Wishes.

Kain "Trinity" Fatalis

/biography #Nick "The Betrayer"

Species: Embodiment of "Omnipotent" Souls
​Title: The Betrayer, Founder of Fatalis -
Lord of the House: Fatalis.

Appears in Advent 1 -| Ch. Ø | P.1 |L.1 |-

Specialization: Target Isolation/Decimation Strategies


Personality:  Extremely Capricious. 
Where one moment he can seem pleasant and almost playful can switch to being completely cold and serious.  It is rare, but there have been occasions where he has lost his hold on his sanity and goes mad, mainly seen in battle.

Specializing in stealth and speed he focuses on fast and accurate strikes that could lead to more vital points of damage.  When it comes to combat he prefers the use of mid range blade work and close combat varying from weapons to hand to hand.


Ability: Lightning generation and manipulation, Aura manipulation, and Psionics.


Rather difficult to deal with from time to time, Kain enjoys studying reactions and behaviors, this is also used as strategy on and off the battle field.  To get certain reactions to occur he may manipulate the situation with his own words and actions.  The term sociopath has been used in reference with the man prior; if the situation is of importance he can pull himself from his studies and take care of the problem. 


Youngest of the Primest Three Trinities, Kain runs the House of Fatalis and trains the members in the ways of assassination.  He enjoys staying a tad curious and questionable in character, preferring to have people confused and spin them around.  Though when things are serious he is well versed in strategy and tactics, using his speed and stealth abilities...

o see that the job is finished quickly, and.. Very.. Very quietly.



Corvus "Trinity" Ien-Triem

/biography #Nick: "The Desolate One"

Species:  Embodiment of "Nosferatu" Souls
​Title: Title: The Desolator, Warlord of "Ien-Triem" -
Lord of the House: Ien-Triem.

Appears in Advent 1 -| Ch. Ø | P.1 |L.1 |-

Specialization: Brute Domination/Sheer Power "Strategies"


Personality:  Aries - True to the God of War.
The Primest of the Trine that all Kindreds tend to fear- for he knows no bounds and acts as the Strong-Arm of the Imperium 'Might' and an exemplary force to be reckoned with; Leading most of the military front on behalf of 'Lord' and loyal brother to his causes with undying loyalty. Despite being a trio, Corvus is often seen at wits and at war with his younger brother; Kain Fatalis, the Left Hand of 'Lord'. After a tragic event and loss at the end of the "Great War" during the 1st Advent, where he has never forgiven Kain and gave Kain his nickname, "The Betrayer".

Despite seen as a brute- off the battlefield he composes war and tactics to his men prior to engagement, such as his signals to changes in strategies by the way he kills; such as a beheading to go for a 'head on charge', or the split of an enemy in-two to call for a 'wedge formation' - Quite creative and very effective in leading his command.


Ability: Resilient w/ Decaying Aura and Mass Onslaught Capabilities and Size, Natural Siege Engine.


Considered the most "Simple" of the brothers, he is also the most stubborn to steer away from his choices- Unless of course you can best him in a fight, and needless to say, there are none outside the "Trinities" that are able to do so. Constantly advancing and moving forward in his insatiable appetite for war. Never taking anything seriously, and always on the move doing what he wants, and always risking his life in the thrill of pursuance; extremely dangerous when given a 'Goal' by 'Lord'.

Middle of the Primest Three Trinities, Corvus is the exemplary warrior of his people, and the image of the Imperium 'Might".  He enjoys brawling with whomever, often caught causing trouble with his personal army; challenging them all to fight him, unless of course 'Lord' says otherwise.  Though don't take him a fool, or he'll prove you right...

And see to it that you 'offend him', and end your life without notion..


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